Preparing to Trust

I was recently facing this dilemma. Something someone said made me think of the people who surround me, whom I trust, and whom I let into my circle. I was told many times that I trust too many people. That I am too open.

Sound familiar to you? Can you relate?

Have you trusted someone and they disappointed you in some way? You are not the only one!

I always thought that I am a pretty good judge of character. But even I trusted someone who disappointed me.

It made me stop for a few hours and rethink. Reconsider some of the choices I made.

And here is what went through my mind–

When I chose (and I purposefully choose this word- “chose”), this line of work (and by that I mean, leaving my Education Director desk job, and becoming a professional public speaker), I chose to open myself to the world. I remember when I made this transition, I said to myself that I wanted “the world to be my classroom.” That meant everyone. I still do! My Facebook friends have jumped from 500 to almost 1600 by now, and I am active on LinkedIn, Instagram and a bit of Twitter.

It happens to all of us. All of us, who are willing to be open, are also subjecting ourselves to disappointments. That is part of the profession!

By now, if you have read this far, you would know that I always look at the Hebrew language for comfort. And guess what– I found a gem! Which I, of course, will share with you!

The Hebrew word trust and the words insurance, assured and ensured all share the same root! l’vtoach, and bituachלבטוחביטוח.

Whenever we trust others, we ensure that our messages and our thoughts land with individuals who have an open and trusting heart toward us! In order to be assured of something, there must be a level of trust. In both directions!

In addition, I found out that when I trust, I also have a belief, a strong inner knowing that I am doing the right thing. That what comes out of heart is pure.

So, whom do you ensure to be in your circle? Whom do you trust?

…Those who act in the way that shows that they are trustworthy! Words, while important, are not  indicative of a trusted person. It’s what they DO that proves it. And I realized that while I may have trusted the wrong person, I had an army of other trusted friends, colleagues and family. I realized how blessed I am! Isn’t that funny- something sad happened and as a result I felt blessed! That is the way to go, friends!

Check it for yourself: Whom do you trust (yes, do go ahead and make a list) and why do you trust them? You will find out that their actions speak louder than their words! I did!

Last question- Would one disappointment lead you to close yourself off to others? Would you  say “that’s it- I am never going to open myself up again?” I can tell you that I did not.

The world is indeed my classroom. And those who seek that connection, these relationships, those profound learnings will ultimately benefit.

If you want to connect with me further to see my weekly videos and inspirational teaching—talking to you about relationships, how to live a better life, how to walk from disappointments to positivity- I would be happy to trust you!