Unlock the Key to Happiness

Dorice Horenstein Blog -Unlock the key to happiness

So what is SPIRE? If you have been searching for a comprehensive way to become HAPPY, read on!

It is a system and a method of achieving happiness that was coined by Tal Ben Shachar, a Harvard professor. His course is known to have the highest number of attendees. (What does this say about the need to be happy?) We all desire it!

Here are a few details of his method and the ways we can apply it in our own lives.
S- Spiritual. Finding meaning and purpose in what we do and who we are. Be in the here and now. To some it is religion, for others it is the connecting to that which is outside of our own power.

P – Physical– this one is about nutrition, exercise, mind body connection. Are you familiar with the feeling right after you exercise? You may be tired but you are satisfied, right? You have the right hormones going through your veins…life is a bit better!

I- Intellectual – Curiosity helps us become more successful and live longer! Did you know that? Engaging in deep learning of any sort helps cultivate inner happiness.

R-Relational – This is the number #1 predictive of happiness! Quality time we spend with those we care about and those who care about us. Surround ourselves with close and supportive network. Knowledge of self and others. Ask yourself to map out the closest 10 people in your life. How much quality time do you spend with them? This can be a starting measurement.

E-Emotional. Emotions drive our thoughts which lead us to actions. Dealing with painful emotions, either accepting or converting them as well as cultivating positive emotions like gratitude, empathy, kindness.

Neglecting any one of the SPIRE will affect your totally happiness! Increased level of wellbeing will increase innovation and productivity on any team, wether at work or at home.

How do we create self awareness so we can achieve and be satisfied with the entire SPIRE? One way is coaching! So if you are interested in more conversation and sharing tools about this and other self improvement modalities, feel free to reach out to me! Happy to help!

As always,
Be Yourself, Be Positive, Be the Champion you want to see!