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"For this I was born” has become a household phrase in my home.

What exactly is “this” that has manifested in my life in the last year?
I always wanted to have “the world as my classroom.” I remember telling my husband years ago that those who ventured out to the synagogue where I taught were able to learn from me. But there are so many others who did not get this opportunity. Now, the world IS my classroom. What I strove for has become a reality. In my professional Jewish education career, I always shared the story of God creating the world using words. (And God said, “Let there be light and there was”). God said, and it became a reality. So it is with our words and our thoughts. Our words create our reality. The first thought that came to me after giving the two-minute talk at the beginning of my speaking career was “for this I was born.” What an incredible feeling to have and know that you are clear on your purpose in life. I know that I want to inspire others and motivate my audience
through my teaching of Jewish wisdom and the Hebrew language.
For this I was born.