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"For this I was born” has become a household phrase in my home.

What exactly is “this” that has manifested in my life in the few years?
I always wanted to have “the world as my classroom.” I remember telling my husband years ago that those who ventured out to the synagogue where I served as the Education Director were able to learn from me. But there are so many others, Jews as well as non Jews who did not get this opportunity. Now, as a speaker, the world IS my classroom. What I strove for has become a reality. In my professional Jewish education career, I always shared the story of God creating the world using words. (And God said, “Let there be light and there was”). God said, and it became a reality. So it is with our words and our thoughts. Our words and thoughts create our reality. The first thought that came to me while standing in front of 250 people giving the two-minute talk about my book at the beginning of my speaking career was “for this I was born.” What an incredible feeling to have and know that you are clear on your purpose in life. As a speaker, I wish to inspire others and motivate my audience through my knowledge of Jewish wisdom, the Hebrew language, and the Positive Intelligence work I do now. As a coach, I bring curiosity to every session, posing powerful questions that asks clients to investigate their own life and self limiting beliefs, so they can live their true potential. I lead and coach by values such as Love, Spirituality, Perspective, Leadership and Social Intelligence. And together, we co-create the coaching environment, so they can also say–
For this I was born.

Here are 4 questions for you to contemplate as you build your “For this I was born.”
1.  What is your vision of what is possible? For you? For your family? For your business?
2.  What are the self limiting beliefs that stop you in your tracks? 
3.  What are the opportunities you see before you? The challenges? What do you need to overcome? What powers do you have to grow or cultivate within you so the opportunity can become a reality that is not only satisfactory but also desirable for you?
4.  What will you think about this situation five years from now?