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Moments of the Heart Podcast

In this podcast we will share, learn, and grow together – all with a Jewish twist! Open to all who want to be inspired! Join Dorice for her in-depth insights, wisdom, and conversations with incredible guests.  

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Selected Interviews & Guest Appearances

The 3 P's To Align Your 2022

It all started when I went for a hike with my youngest son in the Oregon Trails. We began talking about life, and about working toward what we want to achieve. That was the first time I shared my 3 P’s–  Purpose, Priority, and Pleasure. What are the 3 P’s in your life? What do you need to continually remind yourself and reinforce within you and/or your organization? (Check out the article on pages 12-13)

The Four Chambers of the Heart on the Embrace Your Life Podcast

Heart, Positivity, and Relationships! That’s what our guest, Dorice, will be exploring on the Embrace Your Life Podcast with Kayla LQ! After going through some hardships, Dorice turned to her positivity to inspire others in living a great life! She wrote a book that helps to explain the relationships that we have in our lives and how to navigate it all!

Living Into Your Positive Soul Purpose

Learn how to live into the power that you are met to share with the world. In this episode, I introduce to you the concept of Positive Intelligence with my friend Dorice Horenstein.

The Lies our Brains Tell Us

Check out Dorice’s latest article in WIFS’s Advise HER August magazine (page 23-24). 

Speaker at the Illuminating Women 2020 Conference on Becoming Unsinkable

Listen to Dorice’s talk at the Illuminating Women 2020 Conference: Building Bridges for a Bolder & Braver Future, on Becoming Unsinkable!

WIFS Annual Dinner Keynote Speaker

Dorice spoke about the value of  money and love, the importance of connectivity and friendship through trust building, hope and courage as the engine for action, kindness as a foundation for everything we do in life at the WIFS’ (Women in Insurance & Financial Services Portland Metro Chapter) annual dinner. 

Albion College Hillel invites Dorice for an hour of inspiration

Invited to the Albion College Hillel Zoom chat, Dorice talked about turning Oys (stressful things) into Joys and all about her book! Event was open to everyone but geared towards college students. 

Law of Attraction in Action on Positive Intelligence

Dorice Horenstein shares the tools to shifting your mindset, growing in positivity and healthy living using Positivity intelligence and Mental Fitness concepts with Michelle Joy, host of Law of Attraction in Action Podcast. 

In conversation with Yael Trusch of the Jewish Latin Princess

Talking about Dorice’s book and the immensely important four relationships to live whole-heartedly. 

The Four Relationships Everyone Should Live Through in the Jerusalem Report

Drawing upon more than three decades as a Jewish educator and leader, Moments of the Heart evolved from a series of weekly Facebook video messages to an inspiring book.

Interviewed with on the Jewish Mama Mashup

Dorice was invited to join the Jewish Mama Mashup Series by Jodi Fried along with so many other amazing Jewish Women! Treat yourself to some practical yet profound Jewish wisdom with Jodi’s series!

Moments of the Heart makes Target's 'Wellness Book' section!

Check out Target’s Recommended Book List for “Wellness Books” where you’ll find Moments of the Heart by Dorice Horenstein. 

Interviewed on Let's Talk Torah

Catch Dorice on two interviews with Rabbi Tzvi Jacobson on the Hey19 live show of Let’s Talk Torah. Rabbi Jacobson and Dorice have two fun and energetic conversations about our relationships and Torah. Check out these jam-packed conversations. 

Hope and Courage in Action

Find your path to courage and hope and what’s holding you back in Dorice’s article featured in AdviseHer magazine’s, Wellness Corner. Check out her article on page 22. 

Portland author Dorice Horenstein talks new book and how to make the most of "Moments of the Heart"

KBOO’s Annette Newell spoke with Horenstein about her work and the experiences that informed it on Evening News, News In Depth. 

Know Yourself in Relationships

What keeps a marriage happy and strong? Read Dorice’s own story of marriage to her husband and her incredible wisdom that has kept her marriage wonderful and fulfilling over the years even through tough times. 

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Forming A Better Relationship with Yourself

Dorice joins the podcast, Doing Divorce Right (or avoiding it all together). Dorice talks about: how you become the best version of you, the experience of writing a book, how to live wholeheartedly in your life.

Afternoon Live with Dorice

Dorice joins Afternoon Live on KATU, sharing wisdom on living with gratitude as she talks about her newest book, #1 Best Seller Moments of the Heart!

Superwoman Summit Keynote

In this keynote Dorice shares her three ingredients to get what you want in Life- Dorice’s personal Life HAC- Hope, Action, Courage! 

My Strength Is My Story with Dorice Horenstein

Enjoy the multitude of topics Dorice discusses on the Create Your Now podcast including Lev moments, a little magic, the Language of Intent, singing, and so much more.

How Judaism Relates to the Law of Attraction

Dorice joins the Law of Attraction podcast, sharing her understanding of the Law of Attraction with her Jewish roots. Check out this wonderful conversation about gratitude, hope and courage. 

Portland Jewish educator turned author launches first book

All about the book! Dorice and her book were featured in the November/December issue of Oregon Jewish Life Magazine (page 10). Check out the article below. 

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