High Holy day - libenu service

Libenu {Our Hearts}. Together for Yom Kippur 2023.

With Dorice Horenstein


Monday, September 25th, 2023 at 9:30 am – 1:30 pm Pacific Time 


Welcome to this year's Yom Kippur service. As we continue to navigate our journey on this earth, this year we will hold again an in-person intimate gathering. I hope you check out the video invitation above for you to join us for libenu Yom Kippur High Holy Days service. The first 20 registered will be able to join this in-person service. A service of our hearts-Libenu. Together we will connect and engage. I hope to see you by my side!

You are going to love it!

Tickets for adulds and teens!

another Year is at our door!

Let’s connect with our hearts, find our purpose, increase our awareness, and navigate into our next year. This service offers an opportunity to grow in your Jewish understanding, find new joy in the prayers, and glean wisdom from stories that will enhance your Yom Kippur Experience. Dorice invites you on this journey of self-reflection and personal growth.  This service is best suited for middle school-aged youth to adults. 

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a high holy day experience to remember!

The Testimonials

Jeffrey and I had the privilege of attending a very wonderful and personalized Rosh Hashana service created and led by Dorice who is incredibly gifted with a remarkable amount of knowledge and enthusiasm. Her teachings and discussions about the traditions and history of our people are truly inspiring. Her service was spiritual, uplifting and interactive; it was heartwarming to be with an intimate group where everyone participated and contributed in the discussions. Dorice has an amazing ability to make everyone feel special and included. We loved it and look forward to spending Yom Kippur services with her as well.
Mahri Weitz
Dorice, thank you for leading such an incredible service for Rosh Hashana. Who else could turn what looked like an “ordinary setting” into a Jewish sanctuary of knowledge and leaning and replenishment of the soul. I feel so blessed to have you in my life and the lives of my family. Truly you are a special gift and an inspiration.
Michael Kapnick
Dassi and I enjoyed a special Rosh Hashanah service this morning led by Dorice Horenstein. It was a small, intimate group that came together not just to pray, but to learn and connect with others. I love that I left services really thinking about what I wanted 5780 to be for me and the kind of Jewish person, woman & mom I want to be. It’s not really about making New Year’s resolutions - It’s about how will I honor myself and those around me this next year.
Shoshana Gordon
We had an incredible and meaningful Rosh Hashanah this year, and this is thanks to the wonderful and inspiring Dorice Horenstein. We attended Dorice's Rosh Hashanah "Libeinu Service" and it was beautiful, spiritual, and intimate. For someone who has a hard time following services, and does not understand Hebrew, Dorice's service still allowed me to feel connected not only to the Holy Day, but to the people around me, too. We love you, and we can't wait to go to your Yom Kippur service next week!
Margarita Wolf
Rosh Hashanah services are usually dry for me. This year Dorice lead an intimate service, with love and deep feeling, that makes the holiday worthy. We began our meaningful prayer service by creating a space of holiness. Singing, learning, and making new friends was what my soul was needing. I left services feeling spiritually uplifted and find myself looking forward to Yom Kippur.​
Shoshana Hess

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meet your high holy day guide extraordinaire 

Hi, I’m Dorice Horenstein. 

I have been an educator and a speaker for over 30 years. Leading High Holy Days services for 18 years in a local Portland synagogue, so teaching and inspiring others is in my veins. In 2019, I published my first award-winning, best-selling book, Moments of the Heart, four relationships everyone should have to live Wholeheartedly. I used Jewish wisdom to inspire and motivate others. I also speak both English and Hebrew. Which means, I UNDERSTAND the hidden meaning behind what we say in Hebrew! I highlight parts of the service that add meaning to the service.

I bring lessons and stories from our past to enrich and direct your life today!  During the High Holy Days, we take a stalk about what gives us meaning and how we operate in this journey called life. We bring awareness of how we were yesterday and how we want to see ourselves and be tomorrow. 

We can not change our yesterday, but we should reflect on it, learn its lessons, and work to inspire our tomorrow. 
What’s the hidden meaning behind Teshuva (repentance)? It is a way for us to awaken and  become aware of where we came from and to where we are heading.
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I hope to deliver it in a way that will reach your heart.
Moment by moment.
Perhaps that is why my book is called Moments of the Heart!

In the last few years, I have done just that. Moment by moment, I’ve transformed my life into the life I’ve always dreamed of, inspiring people of all ages, and giving people the tools to live their dream life. I know this is my calling and I know I can help you transform and shape your own journey. Plus, I know I can increase your enjoyment of attending a High Holy Days service.

And one more thing- having fun is a major plus when we spend time together. If there is no joy, then what’s the point?! I love laughing and I will invite you to laugh with me! Happy people live more enjoyable lives, and isn’t that what we want on the High Holy Days?!