Teams That Enjoy Each Other Join Each Other!

Do we allow for playfulness in our teams?  What is Team Spirit?

I say, “Teams that enjoy each other join each other.” 

When individuals enjoy hanging around each other they joke, and have a good time together. It spills over to the work days.

How do you allow playfulness in your team members?

When I train teams with the Positive Intelligence Program I make a point of sprinkling it with levity.

We can’t take ourselves too seriously!

By doing so, it is easier to talk about our saboteurs more genuinely without feeling intimidated. I often talk about my hyper achiever and controller saboteur showing its ugly head. Provided, I do not watch out for it!!

I give the example of myself, never of others. And when I talk about the Innovate power and its game, the YES AND game, I always come up with the most ridiculous ideas– on purpose! Just so we Team Members just laugh and move our neural pathways to our prefrontal cortex. The place in the brain where we have curiosity, creativity, positivity…you get the idea!

Being playful and treating each other with empathy, curiosity, and respect creates an open line of communication and trust. It helps create a sense of belonging, a caring and fun community amongst in teams. Couple playfulness with the insertion of our values, as well as team values, and the sky becomes the limit.

Most importantly—When we are being playful (different than sarcastic) we create a positive environment that our employees and teams will regard as a home away from home. And who would not want that?

As Always, Be Positive, Be Yourself, Be the champion you want to see!

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