Gold Winner for Non-Fiction!

I am so excited to share this with the world!

My book was honored with a GOLD AWARD by the Nonfiction Book Awards, via the Nonfiction Authors Association! Check out the details here.

Here is the official Review an official editorial review on my book:

“Dorice Horenstein’s Moments of the Heart was initially inspired by her sister’s cancer diagnosis and fueled by the author’s deep interest in her religion and Jewish traditions. She came to the US from Israel, married an American, and has been part of the Jewish community in Portland, Oregon, where they raised their family. Her heart, however, holds a special place in Israel, where she has family and roots. She served in the Israeli Army and lived on a kibbutz. 

As an educator in her community, the author has had the opportunity to share in life events with congregants and friends and family, and those are the stories she shares in this well-organized tribute to heart and family. She explains much of Jewish tradition and celebration (even enlightening for those of us who didn’t pay attention in Jewish Sunday school) and provides practical self-introspection questions suitable for discussion in a Torah or Bible study group or private journaling. 

Dorice is clearly a deeply religious woman who wishes to share her insights, what she calls her lev (heart) moments, well organized into the four chambers (not chapters) of the heart. 

The short sections are ideal for a daily inspiration passage, to be read and savored in bite-sized pieces. She shares family stories and photos tastefully. She shares her love of Hebrew words and their place in the Jewish experience. And she has garnered impressive support from religious leaders and rabbis. 

This book is an ideal gift book for a bar/bat mitzvah, high school graduation, or wedding too.

I am Jewish by background, not particularly religious by practice, and certainly someone who loves a tasty rugelach and a fascinating story at the dinner table. 

The book design is lovely, fitting for the subject of religious self-help and inspiration, well edited, and a delight to read.”

– Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program

In addition, our reviewers provided the following feedback for you:

“My heart exploded while reading  this book. It took so long to write my review because I paused, reflected, and absorbed each question, each word, each thought. What a spiritual, enlightened and beautiful experience.”

“I got a lot out of this book because it teaches you to look at the main parts of your life in new ways and more thoughtfully. There is so much in each chapter about Judaism, Hebrew letters, and relationships that it is really rich and worth reading more than once.”

My heart is full, my gratitude is overflowing. I feel blessed!