You’ve Got to Fan The Fire!

I love grilling food on the fire and going camping. I grew up camping with my family. That is all I knew!
Hotels were out of the question..too expensive for our 7 people’s family. 
It actually never occurred to us, siblings, that we SHOULD be in a hotel…it was not even a possibility.
So we just had fun with what we knew. Camping. 
Most of the time we would go to one location and build a tent and then swim and play all day long. Dinner times were fun because it was always about using the Hibachi.
My dad will set it up just right with the right amount of paper over and under the wood so it would not be too smoky but would be quick to catch on.
And he trained us, the kids, how to fan it just right. 

As kids, we knew that our BBQ dinner depended on the swiftness of the fanning and we all took turns to light the fire and then keep it going. We were drooling just thinking about the end results- yummy Middle Eastern kabobs!

I often think about it and share this story in my training when I talk about leadership. 
📣 📣 A leader needs to teach others how to fan.
Simple as that.
If the leaders do not convey why fanning is important and what can be the end results, others may stop fanning before the actual end results are achieved.
In leadership terminology. A leader inspires their group by sharing the end results; a leader influences their team by sharing the vision for the end result.
If you are a leader, how often do you fan your  “hibachi?” And do you let others fan? If so, the yummy BBQ is just around the corner!
If not, I invite you to talk to me so that together we will create the best “camping” experience…for your team!
I hope you know I do not mean actual camping..yes?? Over the years I got used to hotel life…😁
But the lessons are more than relevant today!👏🏽

If you know anyone who can benefit from this blog, please pass it along!

As always,

Be Yourself, Be Positive, Be the Champion you want to see