Professional Women’s trip

April 1-13, 2024

Join us to discover the magic of Israel. A place where history comes alive. Become a part of it.

A cultural and spiritual adventure for all professional women regardless of religion.

See for yourself and fall in love with all that Israel has to offer.

Now you get to witness it first-hand.

With Dorice Horenstein by your side, this trip will be unforgettable! Dorice is a native Israeli. She moved to the United States after meeting her husband on an apple-picking machine on an Israeli Kibbutz! She made her home in Portland Oregon and has worked in the Jewish education field for 30 years, taking three organized trips to Israel. She left her education role in 2018 making the world her classroom and stage. Now Dorice is known as an Oy to Joy Relationship speaker. She is a positive Intelligence coach and trainer, and she is the author of the best-selling Moments of the Heart, Four Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly.

She cannot wait to take YOU with her to Israel.

Testimonials from past travelers:

"The knowledge...passion...and FUN that Dorice brings to her group trips to her native land are unparalleled. Don't think twice...GO with Dorice!" -
Scott Snyder

"I had a brilliant adventure on a trip to Israel with Dorice. Her knowledge of the history of Israel as well as her love for the land of Israel made the country come alive for me.” - Rosalie Berne

Having taken two trips to Israel with Dorice, I can recommend her wholeheartedly! Every aspect of the trips were well-organized and memorable. Dorice brought so much energy, wisdom, positivity and fun to our group, those trips remain among the most meaningful travel experiences I have had.” -
Annette Demsey

Here are some of the highlights waiting for you:

Ready to Reserve Your Spot?

Two nights are in Tel Aviv on April 2,3
Nights April 4, 5 In the north
Nights April 6, 7, 8, 9, In Jerusalem
Participants will choose to either conclude their trip on the 10th or continue with Option 2

Group tour is ending here, and the participant fly back to the states on April 10th

Extension to Petra, Jordan: The 7th wonder of the world

Nights April 11, 12 Eilat.
Participants fly back to the United States on Saturday, April 13

Option 1 - The Early Bird price

(available until August 20th) for Option 1 is $5,250 when registering online.
Sending checks?
$5,095 to 4824 SW Pendleton St. Portland, OR 97221
The price will increase to $5695 August 20th
First Installment


Second Installment


Third Installment

Remaining Balance

Option 2 - Extension to Petra

If you want to continue the trip to Petra, the price is $1550

Spots are limited

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