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Living positivity requires us to dig deep into the greater essence and awareness of who we are, search for the meaning and the value of connecting with others and live a spiritual life, knowing that there is a purpose to this universe, even if we don’t see it. Each card carries a message to help you contemplate way of relating to it in your day to day life, as well as improve your thoughts, feelings and being. I hope you gain valuable insights and inspiration.

This complementary audio is to connect with who you truly are, with the essence of you. With the goodness that is you. Please find a picture of you when you were a child and join in. It is said that eyes are is it the entry to the soul. The soul that you see is pure. There is innocence. There is positivity, there is hopefulness.

אלוהי נשמה שנתת בי טהורה היא. אתה בראת, אתה יצרת אתה נפחת בי ואתה משמרה בקרבי

Oh God, the soul that you have given me is a pure one.You formed it, you created it and you blew it inside of me and you guard it within me.

Selected interviews & appearances

Portland author Dorice Horenstein talks new book and how to make the most of "Moments of the Heart"

KBOO’s Annette Newell spoke with Horenstein about her work and the experiences that informed it on Evening News, News In Depth. 

Superwoman Summit Keynote

In this keynote Dorice shares her three ingredients to get what you want in Life- Dorice’s personal Life HAC- Hope, Action, Courage! 

Afternoon Live with Dorice

Dorice joins Afternoon Live on KATU, sharing wisdom on living with gratitude as she talks about her newest book, #1 Best Seller Moments of the Heart!

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