Joy the Movie and Lessons Gleaned

Curled up in my airplane window seat recently I watched for the second time the movie “Joy.”  It wasn’t just entertainment; it was a serendipitous encounter with a reflection of my own journey. Watching Jennifer Lawrence embody Joy Mangano, the tenacious inventor, sparked a memory – my own transformation from education director to “hope activator” a path paved with unexpected twists and the ever-present power of belief. Self belief.
The first time I saw Joy, it was shortly after I left my position as an education director. “Courage, Hope, and Action” were the mantras I clung to as I navigated the uncertainty of a new beginning. The movie resonated with that yearning for a purpose-driven life, a life that sparked something more than the structured routine of lesson plans and staff meetings.
Five years flew by, filled with the exhilarating yet sometimes-daunting reality of forging my own path. 
This second viewing of Joy felt different. It happened just last month. The movie tapped into a different wellspring of understanding within me. Perhaps it was the accumulated experiences, the challenges overcome, or simply the shift in perspective that comes with time. 
and now, five years later, 2024, I rewatched it again, I noticed something I did not fully internalized before. It was the two scenes that bookended the movie. When Joy was a young girl she envision living in a big house and BELIEVED that her creations were a gateway to reality. When the movie ended Joy returns to the box where all paper creations were stored and picked up the one that she connected in her childhood to the big house she would have as an adult.
This time, I was struck by the unwavering belief Joy possessed in her invention, a belief that defied constant ridicule.
This core message of self-belief resonated deeply. In the first viewing, “Courage, Hope, and Action” were the guiding lights. But now, on this solo journey, the missing piece clicked into place – believing in myself and the gifts I possessed. It was the crucial ingredient I hadn’t fully grasped before, 
Believing in our abilities and the power of not only imagination but dedicating our entire being to the manifestation of our beliefs- that is what makes Joy story not only human but very relatable for me
How often do you believe in something yet let go of it when things get tough? Times when you let yourself, instead, believe in other people’s vision of what’s possible? 
I feel that my life is the demonstration of what can be possible!
From teacher to an education director to an author, to a Positive Intelligence coach to a speaker who present all over the country and now the world.. how does this happen?
The power of believing in yourself. That is the key for everything good that comes your way? 
What do you think? How do you hold on to that belief in yourself when things get tough? Feel free to drop me a note- I would love it!
A moment of contemplation:
  1. What is your “Joy” movie? Is there a film, book, or experience that has served as a mirror reflecting your own desires for change or growth?
  2. Have you ever outgrown a mantra? As we evolve, so do our guiding principles. Consider if there are beliefs or mottos that once served you well, but no longer fully resonate with your current journey.
  3. What gifts are you undervaluing? We all possess unique talents and abilities. Take some time to reflect on your strengths and how you can leverage them to create a more fulfilling life.
  4. Where can you inject more joy into your journey? Life can get busy, and sometimes the pursuit of goals overshadows the present moment. Consider small ways you can infuse your daily routine with activities that spark joy and a sense of purpose.
Joy’s story is a universal reminder that joy can be found in unexpected places. It’s nestled within our dreams, whispering of a more fulfilling life. The magic lies not just in having those dreams, but in daring to chase them with a joyful heart, embracing the journey with open arms, holding onto unwavering hope, and most importantly, believing in ourselves every step of the way. 
So, let a little bit of Joy inspire you. Dust off those dreams, take a step towards them, and see where the path leads. You might just surprise yourself with the joy you discover along the way.
Until next time, Enjoy your weekend First name / friend! And don’t forget–
Be Positive, Be Yourself, Be the Champion You Want to See!

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Be Yourself, Be Positive, Be the Champion you want to see