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Hello, I am honored you have chosen to visit this page made especially for you, decision makers and event planners. My intention is to serve you to the best of my ability. Therefore, I have put together a few of my offerings (motivational keynotes and workshops), their description and outcomes, testimonials, video clips, as well as podcast appearances. I have also included my bio, a few references, and other downable resources for easy excess. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you might have. I hope we can work together!

Why Dorice - Value proposition

I am thrilled to introduce myself as a candidate for your upcoming speaking event. My name is Dorice, and I am on a mission to inject energy and positive influence into the lives of others through compelling stories, transformative tools, and effective practices. I firmly believe that by growing resilience we enhance productivity, nurture relationships, and overall wellbeing, resulting in deeper sense of joy and appreciation for life.

My journey of service began at a young age, as I tutored younger children and assisted elderly women with household tasks during high school. Later, I chose a path less traveled by becoming an officer in the Israeli army while most of my peers took on more traditional roles. This spirit of service guided me to the United States, where I arrived in 1986 with just $600, a single suitcase, and an unwavering determination to contribute to the world.

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My passion for making a positive impact led me to the education field. As a teacher and Education Director, I honed my ability to manage teams, create curricula, and organize events. These experiences taught me the importance of strong relationships and effective communication, ultimately contributing to my growth in resilience and personal development.

I am guided by a set of core values that drive my actions:

Love: Fostering meaningful connections and close relationships with others.

Spirituality: Embracing a higher purpose and meaning in life.

Perspective: Providing wise counsel, optimism, and positivity to others.

Leadership: Encouraging trust, promoting integrity, and driving project success.

Social Intelligence: Cultivating kindness and understanding others’ motives and feelings.

Authenticity, Integrity: These qualities are at the heart of my interactions.

Collaborating with me, on a one-time keynote or a longer coaching engagement, I bring with me energy and motivation offering you to experience a positive transformation.  I equip individuals with tools to access their “Champion within,” resulting in increased joy, curiosity, calmness, and productivity. My main topics are The Resilient Human, Achieve Your Goals By R.E.LO.K. and Train Your Brain and Become Unsinkable. I am a firm believer that a positive perspective breeds positivity, an approach that is nurtured from within and radiates outward.

To support my mission, I have achieved certifications in Positive Intelligence coaching which offers a 7 weeks foundation program as well as expansion for Team effectiveness, Leadership, Resilience, effectiveness, and productivity, while reducing stress and conflict. I am also the author of the best-selling book “Moments of the Heart: Four Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly.” As the 45th certified Positive Intelligence coach globally, I have led workshops at more than 25 conferences and engagements with reputable companies such as HP, KLA, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Standard Insurance, WIPN, and WIFS, WCR and CREW. Furthermore, I have successfully coached groups and individuals, empowering people with the tools of Positive Intelligence.

With my background in education, I possess a unique ability to engage and captivate audiences. Through thought-provoking questions and insightful discussions, either as a stand-alone keynote workshop or in a longer engagement, I foster an interactive and enriching experience that resonates with individuals at various stages of their journey.

I am excited about the possibility of contributing to your event and leaving a lasting impact on your audience. Thank you for considering me as a potential speaker. I look forward to the opportunity to connect and discuss how my insights and experiences can align with the objectives of your event.

Sample Motivational keynotes

1 - The Wholeheartedly Resilient Human: Four Secrets to Get You There!

Nobody wakes up in the morning aiming for a setback. Yet setbacks and failures, in the professional or personal arena, are impossible to avoid. Setbacks are real and scary, and they affect our relationships, productivity, and even our wellness. How can you not only bounce back after a setback but continue to thrive? As our hearts have 4 chambers, this session will bring awareness to each of the 4 chambers of resilience, the values and the secrets within each one, and tips and steps to take so your cup is not only full but overflowing with strength!



Learn the 4 values that intercept challenges and grow in resilience.


Implement 4 secrets to sharpen your resilience and the ways to practice them.


Engage your 4 P’s- People, Power, Perspective, and Positivity in combating setbacks.

2-"R.E.L.O.K." your goal, unlock your potential, and create your desired reality.

Why is this keynote important? We all need a dose of inspiration from time to time. We all need that story, that connection, that example that will lift us up and motivate us to move the needle in our own life’s goals. This talk will encourage your audience to reflect on their own lives and ways to better it while giving it meaning and purpose. It serves as an excellent opening keynote to set the mood for a very productive conference.

Description: Do you wish to energize your audience to think big, as if they had no box to squeeze themselves in? Do you want a message that encourages your participants in their own journey? Do you want them to grow in appreciation of who they are? Dorice’s energetic orbit will achieve just that! Dorice celebrates her audience and motivates them to pursue their goals. How can you turn a goal into a reality and bring forth your potential? By sharing her stories and tidbits of wisdom, Dorice engages her audience to reflect and celebrate their own life’s journey, determine their top priorities thus reveal their own way to achieve their goals. All by following Dorice’s 3 R.E.L.O.K. principles.



Recognize your capabilities, prioritize your values, and connect with your identity.


Strategize your steps and processes to achieve your goal


Celebrate your champion within and increase your joy.

3-Becoming unsinkable even if you can’t Swim

Dorice was on a ship that caught on fire. She survived and conjured a plan to navigate through our own distractable “fire.”  What if you realized that you have “fire,” that can destroy everything you are trying to build? What are the ways you can stay with your head above water, able to breathe? Dorice navigates through the “rough waters of the ocean,” the inevitable changes in life, and inspires you to not only keep your head above water but swim like a dolphin through your own journey of life.



Addressing the impact of “negative fire" ( self-defeating behaviors), within us, and shifting mindset to positively influence our work environment and relationships.


4 Positive Intelligence tools to overcome challenges.


Empowering participants to grow in resilience so they enjoy better health, career, and relationships.

Sample Workshops

1-Train Your Brain for Ultimate ROI

T.E.A.M. Together Everyone’s Attributes are Magnified. Each one of us is the sum of our thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Is your team stressed? Are they experiencing conflict in relationships? What are the ways you can shift your thoughts to consistently convey positive emotions, translating into behavior that creates an empowered T.E.A.M.? Are we capable of converting our emotions from present pain to future benefit? And can we lead others to achieve healthy collaboration and positive relationships?

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Learning Outcomes:


Understand and gain awareness of behaviors that support and sabotage our performance.


Retrain the mind to look for opportunities rather than problems


4 actionable steps to move toward desired behavior: less stress, better relationships, and healthy communication

2-The Four Principles to Unlock Your Leadership Champion.

Description: As a leader, what keeps you up at night? Is it productivity? Relationship with your team? Conflicts? Balancing all your commitments? Not having enough time, feeling of frustration, worry, and disappointment? Attending Dorice’s session puts leaders on the path of ease and flow. Implement the 3 mindset shifts to conquer AMEN to CORE. Golden nuggets and tips for each step are discussed and practiced, and 3 complimentary gifts will be offered for further learning.

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Learn and own the four principles AMEN to CORE that will positively impact your leadership and your life.


Implement 3 mindset shifts to strengthen your leadership skills.


Gain an awareness of your behavior and influence. Learn what sabotage you from the lens of Positive Intelligence and coach yourself from a struggling to a champion leader.

Read participants’ reactions and testimonials from an all-inclusive survey.

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Dorice’s Short Bio

After serving as an officer in the Israeli army followed by years of leadership in the education field, Dorice, Oy to Joy speaker, uses her energy and charisma as she transitioned to make the world her platform. Her expertise in Mental Fitness & Positive Intelligence coupled with her award-winning bestselling book Moments of the Heart: Four Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly provide Dorice with the opportunity and knowledge to speak on international stages. Dorice inspires others to improve their mental fitness, navigate challenges, discover opportunities for growth and thus find their champion within
Presenting and training is Dorice’s superpower. She defines T.E.A.M. as Together Everyone’s Attributes (are) Magnified. Dorice motivates others to identify their strengths and improve effectiveness and become the leaders they are meant to be. She promotes healthy and positive relationships that reduce stress and helps clients achieve higher retention as well as a positive atmosphere in the workplace (and at home!).


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More info about what Dorice does:

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Past Speaking engagement

I have had the privilege of speaking in over 25 locations recently. I am proud to be of service to these organizations, companies, conferences, and summits. Please connect with me if you have any questions and I hope to add you to this growing list.


I value relationships and connections. I make an effort to connect and build positive and genuine relationships in the places I am invited to speak. These references have become my friends. I hope to have a similar experience with your organization.

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