Dealing With Difficult People…Can You?

Dealing with difficult people

“Dorice, how can we handle challenging situations, and challenging people?” Who does not want to know the answer to this question — NO ONE.

That was a question I was asked as I led a group of 14 leaders in a recent coaching group. The time was carved to devote to building necessary skills, necessary for the success of individuals as well as the company! And I came up with 7 (one for each day!). What do you think they are? And what would you add? In this article published as a blog on the AdviseHer magazine from WIFS, I detailed all of them. Here is a quick list but do check out the entire blog:)

  1. Be aware of your own judgment. Thoughts such as “They are wrong, they are being so negative, they are mistaken…” Don’t let other people’s actions activate your own saboteurs. 
  1. Understand the contagion effect.  Have you ever been in a meeting where you arrived in a good mood, and one person takes the group down? That is the effect that we can have on people. We can all elevate people or bring them down. Choose what effect you want to have on others and develop mental fitness to sustain it. 
  1. Be laser focused on what you want to achieve and communicate it without judgment. 
  1. Find the 10 percent that they are right. Every challenging conversation offers us some room to grow. Where can you grow? 
  1. Speak about your own experience. If you were trained in Positive Intelligence or other modalities that make an impact on your life with your loved ones as well as your colleagues, share them and be an example to others. 
  1. Transition to “Accept or Convert.” Sometimes nothing we do will change the situation. Learn to accept that this is the present situation and move on. Converting the situation can be done in two different ways. We can either convert the situation to something more desired or convert our feelings about the situation. 

Finally: Be the example you want to see in this world. Our world needs you. Now more than ever. Be the sage!

As always,

Be Yourself, Be Positive, Be the Champion you want to see!