Make Yourself The Priority

A client asked me recently if one can truly love themselves constantly. 

This particular individual was extremely disappointed in themselves which made them feel a diminished sense of self love. 

How do you differentiate between loving yourself and yet not loving what you have done?

I think it boils down to one word.


Owning our mistakes, creating a path of fixing/repairing what was done, and at the same time, not throwing ourselves in front of this “self hatred bus”!

We are worthy even if we are not perfect. Even if we made a mistake.

One of the ways that we can show love toward ourselves is cultivating the feelings of empathy by doing an action that shows that we are worthy of the investment of time, effort, or offering.  

Do you agree?

When was the last time you got out of your head and gave yourself a break? Can you recall a time when you did not look  at your past failure before recognizing that you are a human being?

Or times when you did not wait for the next achievement before you congratulate yourself on what you have achieved so far.

Sometimes we get highjacked by our own emotions of fear, negativity, judgement of ourselves and others. Those are called Saboteurs that keep on beating us down. 

What if instead, we learn and use the ability to shift to positive mindset, to grow our “brain muscle” so we can handle life better?

Mental Fitness- that is what I am talking about!

There are many tools you can use to be in the ease and flow of life, and at the same time gain healthy relationships and grow in the love towrd yourself! 

Not everything requires a big debate (in your own mind or with people). Not everything is a constant fight. It does not have to be difficult. 

Would you agree?

I have put a lot of emphasis into healthy relationships (and trust me when I say..I was not always in healthy relationships!). I believe that solid and healthy relationships are the foundation for everything we do in life! 

It is truly up to us to make our lives what we want it to be. More purposeful, more calm, happier. Getting along with both those we live and work with.

And yet… we find ourselves sometimes hijacked by our own thoughts and behaviors.

This blog can be a wake up call for you.

Studies show again and again that when our mind “works for us,” the results can be paramount to our beings. 

 By changing how we think combined with creating new neural pathways, we get to the root cause of our behaviors rather than only managing the symptoms. As a result, we help ourselves in a multitude of areas including growing in love of who we are, gaining peace of mind in our daily living, creating healthy relationships, successful careers and so on. Connect with me and my team to find out more about how to get there- There is a path, there is a way!

Until we talk,

Be Yourself, Be Positive, Be the Champion You Want to See.