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How often do you find yourself looking for something inspirational? Motivational? Empowering?

In my years in the education business, I have inspired and motivated adults and teens to be better than they thought possible. To be able to work with one another, live with one another, like one another. I have spoken to their hearts so that they would choose the path that gave them fulfillment and joy. I guided them so their way would be illuminated through their individual journeys. Why do I do it? To serve with what I have. To help those who want and search for meaning. How do I do it? Through my unique and authentic style. Through my energy, my stories, my knowledge of Positive intelligence. What you see is what you get – on and off the stage. I use my communication skills and the wisdom I derived from my life’s events and those that have stood the test of time.

Stories that are hundreds of years old take on a life and deliver values and moral outcomes to nourish our souls to this very day. From Individual self-development to a team-building and collaboration workshops. When you bring me to your community, I use my bilingual gifts of Hebrew and English, research based studies and nuggets from Positive Intelligence wisdom to enlighten my audience to be better. Feel better. Do better.

"Studies have proven that those who continue to progress in their personal and professional development have greater success at achieving their goals, staying healthier and stronger in mind and body. As a leader of a women's empowerment group, I have first hand experience in the quality of education with actual usable tools that Dorice Horenstein offers in her programming. Investing time and financial resources with such an experienced professional like Dorice, will bring substantial ROI creating more peace and joy in one's life. Dorice is offering outstanding hands-on material helping to "elevate and move the needle to forward" as noted by those she spoke to at our last conference. Especially now, Dorice is the person to connect with and learn for a more powerful 2021."

Jill Nichols-Hicks

Founder and Owner, Illuminating Women

Selected interviews & appearances

The Four Relationships Everyone Should Live Through in the Jerusalem Report

Drawing upon more than three decades as a Jewish educator and leader, Moments of the Heart evolved from a series of weekly Facebook video messages to an inspiring book.

Portland author Dorice Horenstein talks new book and how to make the most of "Moments of the Heart"

KBOO’s Annette Newell spoke with Horenstein about her work and the experiences that informed it on Evening News, News In Depth. 

Superwoman Summit Keynote

In this keynote Dorice shares her three ingredients to get what you want in Life- Dorice’s personal Life HAC- Hope, Action, Courage! 

Afternoon Live with Dorice

Dorice joins Afternoon Live on KATU, sharing wisdom on living with gratitude as she talks about her newest book, #1 Best Seller Moments of the Heart!

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