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I love To Inspire.

I believe in motivating others to be the best that they can - both at home and at work. I also know how hard it can be for a person to keep that “best” energy going. How long can a car drive without refueling?
At some point we all need to refuel our cars. Right?

This is also true for us human beings. We need to “refuel” our soul, our energy, our knowledge base, our techniques, and our toolbox!
Refueling our "personal tanks" allows us to contribute more/better to our teams and become more effective.
We become leaders who inspire others!

What I bring to team building.

This is where my expertise shines: In your organization.
At your conference. On your stage.
How I do this?

By investing in the self-development of your team, you create satisfied employees. Happier more satisfied employees make a better working environment, achieve more success, and celebrate more sales.

Employees stay with their companies and contribute to teams when they feel they belong and are valued by their employer. 

Make this investment for your own success.

I invite you to enhance your team by connecting and fostering a sense of belonging.
Create a productive, more positive charged team.

Allow me to help you achieve a healthier, more cohesive team by improving interpersonal relationships and communication. The results? More successful and productive team!


What people are saying

Dorice Horenstein delivers what she promises! She is dynamic, her energy is contagious, and her style is very personable.  Dorice is engaging and relatable, in person as well as on zoom, making everyone feel she is talking to them.

As a manager I saw participants not only gain concrete ideas to create unified and collaborative teams but also are inspired to navigate their personal relationships and reach their outmost potential! She is timely and makes the process up to the session very easy. I so appreciated her training session; I have brought her back several times!
Rosalie C. Berne
Sr. Director, Global Commercial Operations Thermo Fisher Scientific 
Thank you Dorice! You boosted my team around the world with positive energy at a time that was really needed. We are very fortunate that our business is ramping up and with it comes all the stress and workload. I have not been able to travel to visit my teams and you brought concepts and actions to help them all individually as well as a team. I received so many positive comments afterwards and can confirm that it was a roaring success.

Positive approach, positive energy - best thing possible at a time like this. Thank you for your hard work to prepare and adjust to all the different cultures and languages. Highly recommend to others in the workplace to help maintain the connections and let your team know you care about their mental health.
Manager of Operations
It was fantastic. Dorice did an awesome job and it was very well received and appreciated by everyone. We had share with her our Vision and Mission statements and our core values and she did an excellent job of incorporating those in to her presentation. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It really gave everyone a well needed morale boost.
Naomi Haughton
Manager, Life & Disability Services, The Standard Institute
Dorice’s speaking is really engaging and relatable on a lot of levels.  She makes the experience pretty personal and keeps it energized. I appreciated Dorice's focus on needing to build communication and trust in relationships of all kinds. We do get siloed in our own work and teams and forget to involve and engage others. She gives you practical and memorable instruction and guidance on how to better your understanding and communication with others, which is sure to be useful to the group as a whole.
I thought that Dorice was so engaging and inspiring. It is hard to take time out of a workday for things that do not directly mark items off of my to-do list, but once she started speaking, I was very into it. I am interested in reading her book and seeing how I can apply her theories / lessons to my personal and professional life.
One of the things that struck me in listening to her, is that she speaks about culture and how to affect and bolster it. This is definitely something we want to continue to cultivate. I think that Dorice is exactly the sort of speaker our group would respond to because she’s very accessible.

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