Dealing With Difficult People…Can You?

“Dorice, how can we handle challenging situations, and challenging people?” Who does not want to know the answer to this question — NO ONE.
That was a question I was asked as I led a group of 14 leaders in a recent coaching group… Read More

Are you Resilient? Test Yourself

In my last email I talked about my story of resilience. It is not a story of great heroism, but a day where I had so much setback. A day so negative. I know that many can relate. Am I right? … Read More

Make Yourself The Priority

A client asked me recently if one can truly love themselves constantly.

This particular individual was extremely disappointed in themselves which made them feel a diminished sense of self love. … Read More

Work Life Balance

One of my clients is struggling.

She is a professional woman working outside of the home, raising small children, Her partner works long hours, and her boss is less than accommodating. She trying to be EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE.… Read More

Speak Not For Your Sake

Have you ever spoken to someone thinking “How can I deliver this thought for their sake and not
for my sake? How can I say something not to get it off my chest but for the message to be heard
by the other person?”… Read More

Can I stop it before it starts?

Leprosy is described in the Torah as a skin disease that can manifest in your skin, clothing, and even your house. Rabbis throughout the centuries described leprosy as a manifestation and even punishment for “evil speech,” commonly known as gossip and called in Hebrew lashon hara. … Read More

Are you done for today?

“Are you done for today?” My husband was coming down the stairs from his home office at about 5 PM. I looked up from my computer and I heard him say “I am done for today.”… Read More

Compare and Complete

I want to share a story from years ago. If you wonder why I even remember this
story, it's because I experience and see it nowadays. It’s a story about competing
and comparing ourselves to other people.… Read More

Go Together, Go Farther

I recently heard an African quote that stopped me in my tracks and slowed me down.

“If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together.”… Read More

Empowerment to Leadership

Every year at this time, I think of my first day in fourth grade
My mother sent my sister and me on the first day of school, in a city we do not know,  to a
school we’d never been to. All by ourselves.… Read More

Your Journey of Life

Jewish message with universal meaning.

Some of you know that once a week I attend my local synagogue and volunteer to lead parts of the service. This week I was assigned to read from the scrolls, ancient Jewish text we call Torah (first 5 books of the bible)… Read More

Who Are You?

“Who are you?” asked my soon to be married son, when he saw me. It was the Friday evening as the celebration of his upcoming wedding weekend began.… Read More

Toxic vs Genuine Positivity

I am often invited to speak about Positivity in the workplace. And typically, a conversation about the differences between “toxic” positivity and the message and the tools that I bring forth come up.… Read More

Ready Remedy for Challenging Situations

Dorice, How can we handle challenging situations with people who have not attended Positive Intelligence training?
That was a question I was asked last week as I led a group of 14 leaders from HP!Who does NOT want to know how to handle challenging situations with challenging people whether they have taken the training or not ?– NO ONE. … Read More

Celebration, Complication and Positive Outcomes

I have been out of touch for a while! My son got married, that is why:)
Those who know me know that I am a person who loves celebrations! Give me a reason to celebrate. Let me dance, sing and rejoice! And I promise will step up to the plate. I will even do it when no one is watching! The last two weeks have been a continuous celebration of my son’s wedding. … Read More

Finding Yourself in the Emptiness

Have you ever experienced wilderness? Being in the middle of absolutely no where?
I remember such an experience during my army days. I was to take my group of soldiers and walk to an unknown destination. We used topography, (a map that shows the natural and physical features of the nearby area) to get us acclimated and direct us to our final destination. … Read More

Would You Have Handled It Differently?

She was shaking. Her hands were trembling and her face was showing sighs of anguish.
That was the barista who served my coffee today.
I scheduled to meet a client who just returned from Nicaragua to hear about her experience and plan our next coaching session for her and her partner, and we were the next in line. It was taking a long time and I began making judgments about the service…… Read More

Yin & Yang of Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Imagine yourself in the following situation: You have worked for a particular company for some time, maybe years, maybe months. And let’s assume you have accomplished something, does not matter what, during your time—a project, an assignment, customer satisfaction, you name it. How would you feel if no one mentions it? If you get no recognition?… Read More

Use the Light of Others

Growing up, I observed my mom lit 7 candles every Friday evening. While it is a Jewish custom to light the Sabbath candles to symbolize the beginning of Sabbath (starting Friday evening), different people light different number of candles. … Read More

Rebecca and Her Controller Saboteur

When I read stories from the Torah (the first five books of the bible), I always try to glean messages that inspire me in my own life’s journey and also help others with whom I am connected to benefit from centuries old wisdom. To continue the legacy of serving and sharing my knowledge to the betterment of my community and the world I live in.

I can be speaking about a lot of things in this week’s Torah portion. I can talk about Jacob buying the firstborn right and then stealing the blessing; I can talk about Isaac and his gullible aspect of not realizing that Jacob is pretending to be Esau. So many good nuggets, and I want to focus on Rebecca, the mother of two children and what we can learn about her through the lens of Positive Intelligence.

And with that I bring you Rebecca and her Controlling Saboteur!… Read More

The Champion Within US

A few months back, way before the Olympics, I added a tagline to my website logo which consisted of the first letter of the Alpha Bet, called Alef. Then I added “Find Your Champion Within.” In the last two weeks I have been reflecting deeply how do these two really coincide, what do they mean, and how we can all lean into it in our everyday life. Would love to hear what you think! … Read More

The Lies Our Brains Tell Us

The other day I was in a conversation with another coach. Upon hearing about her success, I was filled with doubts about my own ability to be successful. The thoughts that filled my mind included: “Who would want you to coach them? Are you good enough? Do you know enough? Maybe you have been lucky so far and your luck is going to end….really soon.”

Can you relate?

And if so, what do you do when your brain keeps conveying these thoughts to you? Do you resign to the fears that you are indeed not going to be successful? Read on..… Read More

Choosing to Empathize

This is me- age 2! I wanted to dress up for the holiday of Purim as Queen Esther, but my mom said that my sister is already the queen so I have to be the king. It made me cry..if you look closely you can actually see the tears. Many years later, whenever I want to reach deep down into the power of empathy, which sometimes I feel I lack, I look at this picture. Empathy is one of the necessary powers to live a meaningful life. Read this blog to understand its power in your own life.… Read More

Choose the Travel, Not the Destination

Is our destination determined before our journey begins, or does it evolve as a result of our travel? In our travel, we find meaning. In our journey we find the purpose. I connect it here with the Hebrews travel in the desert. Check it out!… Read More

Declutter and Reclaim

As I was walking in my daughter’s new neighborhood, I met a neighbor who told me that the sun room I have been spending a lot of time in was used as a storage space with the previous owners. A beautiful space completely clutter and unused….So of course, immediately I think of our minds, the ways and the need to declutter…… Read More

Heed The Calling

Last weekend I officiated a Bar Mitzvah in the beautiful outdoors, looking at the beautiful Oregon Hills and reflecting on the word calling. I came up with three levels of calling, the third and the highest level is what life is all about…… Read More

As I Head Forward, I Reflect Back

I have been practicing Positive Intelligence tools for a year now and wow, the difference it made. Not only on my life but those who are around me. Do you want to listen to a Saturday morning reflection and consider how this method can affect your life? Read on…… Read More

My 100th Episode!

Would you interrupt your coaching session to have an acknowledging moment? I did! It was so wonderful that I even created a podcast about it! And in the process, I shared a story told by my mother and the learned lessons to influence our lives today! Here is the blog version of it!… Read More

A Game Gone Bad

You are in a meeting and it suddenly goes south…people are getting a bit upset..If you are a leader or not..what do you do?… Read More