Go Together, Go Farther

Dorice Horenstein Blog - Go Together, Go Farther

I recently heard an African quote that stopped me in my tracks and slowed me down.
“If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together.”
How often do we feel that we are alone on our path? I will admit–It is an understandable feeling. 
Our journey is uniquely ours. Even when two people go in the same direction, each may have a completely different view of the path.
Yet, merging our lanes can make the difference between arriving first and arriving happy.  Arriving thirsty or arriving nourished. It is true in our personal lives and it is true in our professional life. 
Creating a thriving culture at work can only be done together. 
I was listening to Aga Bajer, a culture strategist, a few weeks back when she talked about the search for Fun, Meaning, and Belonging as the pillars of a thriving culture, and I continue to reflect on how “going farther, and together” creates more meaning, and more purpose and definitely increases the sense of belonging and fun. 
With that, I wanted to share this slide with you and ask you to consider it as you go farther and together with your team at work or home:
  1. How do you encourage more enjoyment and fun at your work and what you do?
  2. Where do you derive meaning that can help the collective and create a culture of joint and shared purpose?
  3. What are the actions that you can take to foster a sense of belonging at your work and home?