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Sometimes You Just Have to Surrender!

Ever feel like you’re standing at a crossroads, knowing you need to change but resisting the thought of it?

I love good food. My morning coffee with homemade banana or pumpkin bread, a glass of wine once a week, a nice pasta dish with crusty bread, a juicy piece of meat, some popcorn in front of the TV, and a sweet dessert after dinner.

Sounds delightful, right? What could possibly go wrong?… Read More

Joy the Movie and Lessons Gleaned

Curled up in my airplane window seat recently I watched for the second time the movie “Joy.” It wasn’t just entertainment; it was a serendipitous encounter with a reflection of my own journey. Watching Jennifer Lawrence embody Joy Mangano, the tenacious inventor, sparked a memory – my own transformation from education director to “hope activator” a path paved with unexpected twists and the ever-present power of belief. Self-belief.… Read More

You’ve Got to Fan The Fire!

As kids we knew that our BBQ dinner depended on the swiftness of the fanning and we all took turns to light the fire and then keep it going. We were drooling just thinking at the end results- yummy middle eastern kabobs!

I often think about it and share this story in my trainings when I talk about leadership. … Read More

The One Question That Can Change Your Life

Life often feels overwhelmingly busy. Despite planning to “walk” through life, I find myself constantly running—running to appointments, running to finish tasks by the end of the day, running through my endless to-do list.

Each day, my list of tasks and milestones grows longer. At the end of the day, I ask myself, “Dorice, did you do everything on the list?” The answer is often a disappointing no.… Read More

Are you guilty of it too? Most of us are!

We’re all humans, and it’s not uncommon for us to make mistakes. In fact, it might be more accurate to say that we often make mistakes. We do or say the wrong things, entertain unproductive thoughts, and experience less-than-ideal emotions. These actions don’t always align with the image we have of ourselves or the person we aspire to be.
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How to Practice Humility in Your Day to Day Life

Let’s be honest—sometimes it’s tough to stay humble when you want to share all your accomplishments.
You’ve reached milestones, completed challenging tasks, achieved a promotion, written incredible editorials, and received glowing testimonials for your performance. And the list can go on and on… I totally hear you..

So, how do you keep humility in check?… Read More