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How to Practice Humility in Your Day to Day Life

Let’s be honest—sometimes it’s tough to stay humble when you want to share all your accomplishments.
You’ve reached milestones, completed challenging tasks, achieved a promotion, written incredible editorials, and received glowing testimonials for your performance. And the list can go on and on… I totally hear you..

So, how do you keep humility in check?… Read More

Speak Not For Your Sake

Have you ever spoken to someone thinking “How can I deliver this thought for their sake and not
for my sake? How can I say something not to get it off my chest but for the message to be heard
by the other person?”… Read More

Can I stop it before it starts?

Leprosy is described in the Torah as a skin disease that can manifest in your skin, clothing, and even your house. Rabbis throughout the centuries described leprosy as a manifestation and even punishment for “evil speech,” commonly known as gossip and called in Hebrew lashon hara. … Read More

Compare and Complete

I want to share a story from years ago. If you wonder why I even remember this
story, it's because I experience and see it nowadays. It’s a story about competing
and comparing ourselves to other people.… Read More