What is RELOK and Can It Help Me?

In a recent coaching session with an executive, who was working on creating a different culture in his organization, a thought came into my awareness.

I call it The RELOK. Don’t look at the dictionary for a definition- I made this word up! Once I realized The RELOK, I began to see it everywhere. I saw it even when I was coaching a young teen last week as she was preparing for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. “Oh golly, this RELOK works for everyone, regardless of their age,” I exclaimed to myself!

RELOK is for everyone who wants to achieve a goal.

Would you like to know what it is? And if YOU have it?

I am happy to help! First, I ask you– What is it you want to achieve? What is a goal you are pursuing? Can you state it in one sentence?

Now that you have goal and the future desired achievement is fresh in your mind, see if you can use RELOCK in achieving your goal. It boils down to three elementsthat must exist in order for anyone to get where they want to be, and to feel good once they arrive there.

REason. What is your reason for wanting to achieve this goal? What is your bigger why? What is your raison d’être for wanting this goal this much? What is your motivation to achieving this goal? Some may want to use the word purpose here. I choose to make it even simpler than that. It is simply your reason for wanting this particular goal. The REASON must come from you, not from the society or the people around you or the people. The clearer you are for your deeper why, your reason, the more you will be successful in achieving this goal.

LOve. Do you love what you are envisioning as the goal? This is the time to assess if you want to accomplish this goal out of your own desire, belief and convictions, or others. Do you use your own REason to activate love for the goal? Does it get you out of bed with curiosity? With a burning desire to accomplish it? Do you strive to surround yourself with people who share your love for achieving your goal? Or, are you allowing self doubt to creep in and cover the love you have deep down toward the goal? It could be that at first you can not find the love…search for it. Without loving your goal, your goal will stay a dream.

Knowledge. Now that you have established your REason, your LOve, it is time for the third step. What do you need to learn to make this goal a reality? What are the ways you can gain the knowledge, and from where? What is the time allocation you are willing to invest? What are the strengths you need to grow and develop so you can be more prepared for the future goal you set for yourself?

What I am finding is that true and authentic coaching is engaging our clients in self directed learning.


How can you apply this one short word to everything you do?
I would love to hear!

As always,
Be Yourself, Be Positive, Be the Champion you want to see!