Are you done for today?

“Are you done for today?” My husband was coming down the stairs from his home office at about 5 PM. I looked up from my computer and I heard him say “I am done for today.”… Read More

Compare and Complete

I want to share a story from years ago. If you wonder why I even remember this
story, it's because I experience and see it nowadays. It’s a story about competing
and comparing ourselves to other people.… Read More

Go Together, Go Farther

I recently heard an African quote that stopped me in my tracks and slowed me down.

“If you want to go faster, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together.”… Read More

Empowerment to Leadership

Every year at this time, I think of my first day in fourth grade
My mother sent my sister and me on the first day of school, in a city we do not know,  to a
school we’d never been to. All by ourselves.… Read More

Can Our Emotions Get in The Way?

I often hear the need of employers to get their teams aligned.

But with what?

A lot of the time teams work toward an alignment of projects, an alignment of intellect, an alignment of behavior.… Read More

Your Journey of Life

Jewish message with universal meaning.

Some of you know that once a week I attend my local synagogue and volunteer to lead parts of the service. This week I was assigned to read from the scrolls, ancient Jewish text we call Torah (first 5 books of the bible)… Read More