Dealing With Difficult People…Can You?

“Dorice, how can we handle challenging situations, and challenging people?” Who does not want to know the answer to this question — NO ONE.
That was a question I was asked as I led a group of 14 leaders in a recent coaching group… Read More

Are you Resilient? Test Yourself

In my last email I talked about my story of resilience. It is not a story of great heroism, but a day where I had so much setback. A day so negative. I know that many can relate. Am I right? … Read More

Make Yourself The Priority

A client asked me recently if one can truly love themselves constantly.

This particular individual was extremely disappointed in themselves which made them feel a diminished sense of self love. … Read More

Work Life Balance

One of my clients is struggling.

She is a professional woman working outside of the home, raising small children, Her partner works long hours, and her boss is less than accommodating. She trying to be EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE.… Read More

Speak Not For Your Sake

Have you ever spoken to someone thinking “How can I deliver this thought for their sake and not
for my sake? How can I say something not to get it off my chest but for the message to be heard
by the other person?”… Read More

Can I stop it before it starts?

Leprosy is described in the Torah as a skin disease that can manifest in your skin, clothing, and even your house. Rabbis throughout the centuries described leprosy as a manifestation and even punishment for “evil speech,” commonly known as gossip and called in Hebrew lashon hara. … Read More