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Your Journey of Life

Jewish message with universal meaning.

Some of you know that once a week I attend my local synagogue and volunteer to lead parts of the service. This week I was assigned to read from the scrolls, ancient Jewish text we call Torah (first 5 books of the bible)… Read More

Ready Remedy for Challenging Situations

Dorice, How can we handle challenging situations with people who have not attended Positive Intelligence training?
That was a question I was asked last week as I led a group of 14 leaders from HP!Who does NOT want to know how to handle challenging situations with challenging people whether they have taken the training or not ?– NO ONE. … Read More

Celebration, Complication and Positive Outcomes

I have been out of touch for a while! My son got married, that is why:)
Those who know me know that I am a person who loves celebrations! Give me a reason to celebrate. Let me dance, sing and rejoice! And I promise will step up to the plate. I will even do it when no one is watching! The last two weeks have been a continuous celebration of my son’s wedding. … Read More

Finding Yourself in the Emptiness

Have you ever experienced wilderness? Being in the middle of absolutely no where?
I remember such an experience during my army days. I was to take my group of soldiers and walk to an unknown destination. We used topography, (a map that shows the natural and physical features of the nearby area) to get us acclimated and direct us to our final destination. … Read More

Would You Have Handled It Differently?

She was shaking. Her hands were trembling and her face was showing sighs of anguish.
That was the barista who served my coffee today.
I scheduled to meet a client who just returned from Nicaragua to hear about her experience and plan our next coaching session for her and her partner, and we were the next in line. It was taking a long time and I began making judgments about the service…… Read More

Yin & Yang of Gratitude and Acknowledgment

Imagine yourself in the following situation: You have worked for a particular company for some time, maybe years, maybe months. And let’s assume you have accomplished something, does not matter what, during your time—a project, an assignment, customer satisfaction, you name it. How would you feel if no one mentions it? If you get no recognition?… Read More