Training Program

Invest Into Your H.A.C.K.


Join Dorice Horenstein in this two hour program! Using her personal life H.A.C.K, you will  be inspired and encouraged to invest and activate your own journey in the right direction!

Here are just three takeaways from this training program:

  • Grow in appreciation of who you are and how to use it in your life.
  • Utilize the power of relationships and connections.
  • Turn change into an ally through by using the H.A.C.K. system.


Can’t change your yesterday. You CAN inspire your tomorrow!

How do you achieve what you want in life? By “H.A.C.K.”ing it! Use Hope, Action, Courage and Kindness!

When you complete this workshop you will know how to:

  • Use the 4-step proprietary H.A.C.K. system (Hope, Action, Courage and Kindness) to increase your awareness, and move you to positive action.
  • Empower your growth and resilience so that you enjoy better health, career and relationships.
  • Utilize Positive Intelligence resources and tools to reprogram, reset and create sustainable inner change,


Start today! This is your opportunity to eliminate obstacles, grow in resilience and live your meaningful and happy life!!


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