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  • Hebrew: the Language of Intent Course

    In three jam-packed sessions Dorice teaches the power of the Hebrew written word as it used in biblical Hebrew, as well as, in conversational. Hebrew is regarded as the Holy Language and as such, by learning the hidden meaning behind every letter, words become venues to a deep understanding of human behavior, thoughts and actions.


    Total course is 4.5 hour long and it will be available to you for an entire month from purchasing date. As a bonus, when purchased, Dorice will gift you a live 30 min zoom following the viewing to discuss your learning and questions.


    *Please note that this course price is for home use ONLY and not a group viewing. If you wish to bring it to your community contact Dorice through the contact page to arrange a group cost.*

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  • Intersection of Positive Intelligence and Judaism 90 min Workshop

    Join Dorice Horenstein in this 90 min hour workshop!

    Here are just three takeaways from this training program:

    • Celebrate the self!
    • Foundational Elements of Positive Intelligence
    • Commonality between PI and Judaism
    • New insights integrating PI and Judaism in your workplace, with your students and families
    • Games and innovative activities to enhance and better your relationships, classroom, boardroom and life.
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  • Invest Into Your H.A.C.K.

    Join Dorice Horenstein in this two hour program! Using her personal life H.A.C.K, you will  be inspired and encouraged to invest and activate your own journey in the right direction!

    Here are just three takeaways from this training program:

    • Grow in appreciation of who you are and how to use it in your life.
    • Utilize the power of relationships and connections.
    • Turn change into an ally through by using the H.A.C.K. system.
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  • 3 Month Coaching Program: Positive Intelligence/Mental Fitness

    The tenets of the 12-week program:

    This program is built on the Positive Intelligence Flagship program which covers:

    1. Intercept and weaken your saboteur. There are 10 saboteur powers
    2. Strengthen your sage power. There are 5 sage powers.
    3. Improve your self-command brain muscle by using the operating system called PQ.

    In addition, we will delve deeper into what hinges YOU. We will begin with a personal 360, which is brining to the surface, your vision of what you want to achieve, your personal (and team) story, challenges and triumphs. Through the Positive Intelligence Flagship program we gain the insight. The 12 week coaching program adds the laser focus results that you need, increase productivity while practicing the tenets and foundation of PI in your own life! This is a great opportunity to built a cohesive team wether at work or home!

    As you prepare for our training to begin, I invite you to click on the link below to take the complimentary Positive Intelligence assessment.

    Click here to take your complimentary assessment.

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  • Retrain Your Brain and Become Unsinkable

    Each of us is born with greatest natural strengths yet most of us are limited by our own habits and thoughts.  

    What if we could reprogram years of self sabotage, negativity and limitation to a more positive, resilient and relaxed lifestyle and instead enjoy better health, careers, relationships? What if we recognize, gain awareness, and begin practicing techniques and tips that would create better mindset and positive emotions when working on a team wether at work or at home? Do you want to improve your effectiveness and productivity?  The answer is that you can!

    We can. WE are the ones getting in our own way.

    Based on Shirzad Chamine’s research and his New York Times Bestselling book, Positive intelligence,  our challenges and obstacles are our Saboteurs.  Shirzad Chamine’s is showing us how we intercept our negative reaction and instead operate out of curiosity, empathy and clear laser focused actions. Shirzad earned a BA in psychology, MA in electrical engineering, and an MBA from Stanford. He’s also a lecturer on Positive Intelligence at the business schools of both Stanford and Yale. His book, translated into more than 20 languages, is filled with research results from studying more than 500,000 people in over 50 countries.

    When we use Mental Fitness- the capacity to respond to life challenges with positive rather than negative mindset – the positive impact is immense! Change how you think combined with creating new neural pathways  in the brains, and you will get to the root cause of your behaviors rather than only managing the symptoms. As a result, improvement in multitude of areas including less stress, less unhealthy conflicts, peace of mind in daily living, healthy relationships, successful careers and so on.

    As a positive intelligence coach under Shirzad Chamine training, I share with you science-based, bullet proof method that can shift your emotions and behaviors to a clear and focused action in just 7 weeks of practice! The results? Dramatically improved performance and productivity, while gaining a calm, clear and happier mind.

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