Training Program

Intersection of Positive Intelligence and Judaism 90 min Workshop


Join Dorice Horenstein in this 90 min hour workshop!

Here are just three takeaways from this training program:

  • Celebrate the self!
  • Foundational Elements of Positive Intelligence
  • Commonality between PI and Judaism
  • New insights integrating PI and Judaism in your workplace, with your students and families
  • Games and innovative activities to enhance and better your relationships, classroom, boardroom and life.


“We do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.” Tractate brachot 55b

Enrich your Jewish practice and dive into the shared perspectives of Judaism and Positive Intelligence.
Explore the ways you, your students, congregants and families can benefit from the richness of Positive intelligence to illuminate your Jewish practices.
Methods and description
Interested in refreshing, dusting off and recommitting to a better self? If so, this treat is for you!  In this workshop, Dorice will open the doorway to Positive intelligence and lead all participants in activities, contemplation and discussions to enrich Jewish practices and offer ideas and activities for enrichment of teaching methodologies, collaboration and Jewish growth.
In addition, each participant will fill their own Neshama with a clear repurposing and redirecting their lives.
Be ready to be on camera, and ready to go!


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