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Champion Circle Mastermind Coaching Program-12 Months


Champion Circle Mastermind Coaching engages participants in private and group coaching in a year-long program aimed at achieving success and implementing personal strategies that yield actions and results. This lucrative offer is open to 10 participants only. We will begin meeting weekly with Mental Fitness tools, including Retrain Your Brain for 8 sessions, and then progress to 8 biweekly sessions to align with and strengthen our champion within. We will continue to meet monthly to focus on, improve, and grow our ROI in three major areas: Productivity, Wellness, and Relationships. Implementation is harder than knowledge. We will identify what stops us from achieving success by learning about our saboteurs and practice shifting to achieve desired results. From stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and challenges to finding clarity, laser-focused action, and empowerment. This will turn your tactics into actions. In addition, 5 1:1 private sessions with Dorice will dive deeper for greater awareness about your challenges aiming at delivering results.  An opportunity for leaders to come together in a supportive and intimate setting to process issues at the workplace or home, and improve all aspects of life, explore joy and appreciation, and thus find your champion within.

This program is built on the Positive Intelligence pillars which cover:

  1. Intercept and weaken your saboteur. There are 10 saboteur powers
  2. Strengthen your sage power. There are 5 sage powers.
  3. Improve your self-command brain muscle by using the operating system called PQ.

In addition, we will delve deeper into what hinges on YOU. We will begin with a personal 360, which is bringing to the surface, your vision of what you want to achieve, your personal (and team) story, challenges, and triumphs. You will gain insight to shift your life in the direction that will bring more satisfaction to you. The year-long program adds the laser-focus results that you need, to increase productivity while practicing the tenets and foundation of Mental Fitness in your own life!

As you prepare for our training to begin, I invite you to click on the link below to take the complimentary Positive Intelligence assessment.

Click here to take your complimentary assessment.



 Testimonials from organizations and individuals who have gone through the program:

“I wanted to thank you for the amazing work you did with my team.  In our work stress is felt in every step, with our clients’ interface as well as among our team in regards to deadlines and effectiveness. The coaching program has had a tremendous impact because you not only develop the mental fitness to handle these negative and challenging situations, but you also get tools to apply to your own life.  Tools that when you practice, you lower your stress, and gain calmness, greater clarity, creativity, and resilience. The gifts were a few: My team felt our company cared for them, and it was a team-building opportunity.  Not one person missed the coaching calls. I even had a team member who logged in from a plane on his way to his client. The bonus was that each individual was able to learn tools to better their personal life. In our fast-paced world, we rarely take the time to think about us. It was a refreshing way to learn how our brains work and how easy (not simple) it is to shift so we can be happier! I am looking forward for additional refresh classes with the team – thank you so much for the dedication and professionalism!”

Tamir Faclieru | Director, Field Operations KLA

“I’ve had a few life coaches and honestly, this is putting things into ACTION. I have read and absorbed many insights and now I finally get to put them to use!! Dorice, what a blessing to have you as my coach!!”- Sandy

I am loving this program. I have always been on a path of self-exploration. …You go to workshops and have lots of insights, but then it fizzles. Shirzad says “it is 20% insights and 80% work.” I have had lots of insights, but having the gym, the exercises, the mental fitness few seconds throughout the day really rang true to me. I do a lot of meditation but as Shirzad says, when you are in a meeting, and you are being highjacked, you cannot say “Wait a minute, I am going to the meditation corner and get into a spot.” It is going to be the work that actually will shift what always felt automatic.” Dale

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Here is more detailed information about what’s involved in the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness encompassing year-long program:

  • In the first 8 weeks participants begin dipping their toes in the Mental Fitness Foundation program called Positive Intelligence. We take stock of who we are, our saboteurs, and sage powers. The second portion of our engagement will be biweekly sessions where we will be developing the newly acquired skills. The last 5 sessions will be monthly meetings growing our sage muscle by handling real-life situations at work and home.
  • We will map out where you are, and set a plan to where you want to be and the steps to get there. This program will move you to action!
  • I am here to support you on this new path to uncover, dust, and shine your best version of yourself!


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