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The Time To Breathe

Let’s breathe. And let’s breathe again. I feel my chest rising and falling, and I allow myself to deeply breathe. I let the ruach or “air,” of my breathing engulf my body, my inner organs, and I feel the air anchoring me down. My breath connects me to earth, to the ground … Read More

The Power You Bring With You

Some days are just like that. You wake up in the morning and you think “it’s another day,” and then it turns out to be not like “another day.” Not for me, anyway. That specific day becomes an actually aggravating day. Are you wondering– WHY? What went wrong? This past … Read More

Why Words Matter

I have been thinking about “things.” Does that surprise you? What are the “things” that you think about? “Things” can be objects that we have around our house. Do the “things” that you have in your home provide an inkling to who you are? If someone were to enter your … Read More

Choosing the right “Soul Aspect”

I have seen people stuck for a long time. In marriages, with their weight, with their profession. Paralyzed to make a change. Having a really hard time making a choice. Why is it?I love Anne Frank’s quote “Our lives are fashioned by our choices. First we make our choices. Then … Read More

The Power of Memory

I remember being 7 years old and frightened. Holding tightly to my sisters and brother, sitting quietly in the below the ground shelter of our apartment building. My dad was just drafted that day to join the Israeli military efforts in the surprised war no one expected taking place on … Read More

Preparing to Trust

I was recently facing this dilemma. Something someone said made me think of the people who surround me, whom I trust, and whom I let into my circle. I was told many times that I trust too many people. That I am too open. Sound familiar to you? Can you … Read More