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Coaching Program: Positive Intelligence/Mental Fitness


Each of us is born with greatest natural strengths yet most of us are limited by our own habits and thoughts.  

What if we could reprogram years of self sabotage, negativity and limitation to a more positive, resilient and relaxed lifestyle and enjoy better health, careers, relationships, and so on?

We can. WE are the ones getting in our own way.

Based on Shirzad Chamine’s research and his New York Times Bestselling book, Positive intelligence,  our challenges and obstacles are our Saboteurs.  Our sage perspective is what we need to strengthen!  Shirzad Chamine’s is showing us how! He’s earned a Ph.D in neuroscience, BA in psychology, MA in electrical engineering, and an MBA from Stanford. He’s also a lecturer on Positive Intelligence at the business schools of both Stanford and Yale. His book, translated into more than 20 languages, is filled with research results from studying more than 500,000 people in over 50 countries.

When we use Mental Fitness- the capacity to respond to life challenges with positive rather than negative mindset – the positive impact is immense! Change how you think combined with creating new neurons in the brains, and you will get to the root cause of your behaviors rather than only managing the symptoms. As a result, improvement in multitude of areas including peace of mind in daily living, healthy relationships, successful careers and so on.

As a positive intelligence coach under Shirzad Chamine training, I will share with you science-based, bullet proof method that can shift your emotions and behaviors to a clear and focused action in just 8 weeks of practice! The results? Dramatically improved performance, productivity, and a calm, clear happier mind.



The tenets of the 8-week program:

  1. Intercept and weaken your saboteur. There are 10 saboteur powers
  2. Strengthen your sage power. There are 5 sage powers.
  3. Improve your self-command brain muscle by using the operating system called PQ.

Cost of the Group Coaching Program includes your own copy of the “Positive Intelligence” book, weekly videos from Shirzad, PQ app (to be downloaded) to track your progress, community app to communicate with thousands of others who are trained with this program from all over the world, AND 8 live coaching sessions with me.

Sign up today! As you prepare for our training to begin, I invite you to click on the link below to take the complimentary Positive Intelligence assessment.

Click here to take your complimentary assessment.

 Testimonials from people who have gone through the 8 week program

Thank you for a great meeting! It’s was nice to put a face to the name and get to know one another! I’ve had a few life coaches and honestly, this is putting things into ACTION. I have read and absorbed many insights and now I finally get to put them to use!! Dorice, what a blessing to have you as my coach!!”- Sandy

Wonderful meeting. I’m really beginning to recognize saboteurs at work. You’re doing a wonderful job Dorice. I’m very excited about our journey.” Sue

I am loving this program. I have always been on a path of self-exploration. …You go to workshops and have lots of insights, but then it fizzles. Shirzad says “it is 20% insights and 80% work.” I have had lots of insights, but having the gym, the exercises, the mental fitness few seconds throughout the day really rang true to me. I do a lot of meditation but as Shirzad says, when you are in a meeting, and you are being highjacked, you cannot say “wait a minute, I am going to the meditation corner and get into a spot.” It is going to be the work that actually will shift what always felt automatic.” Dale

Video 1, Video 2

Here is more detailed information about what’s involved in the Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness 6-week program:

  • Every week you will receive one hour video from Shirzad Chamine with insights to guide you into the next week.
  • During the week you will receive three 2 min audio daily recording to set your mind with clarity and reinforce a different aspect of training, moving you from saboteur to sage mind set by creating new neurons pathways. Neurons that wire together fire together!
  • You are encouraged to go to the “gym” app on your phone, and participate in PQ exercises to create the new neurons. The mental exercises vary from 2min, 5 min, 12 min exercise daily. For best results, you are encouraged to do a total of 15 minutes a day.
  • As your coach, I monitor your exercise chart, in order to be of the greatest value supporting you through encouragement and questions. I will also post helpful insights from Shirzad and from my own experience
  • In addition, there will be 8 live Group Coaching sessions with me as your coach during the 8 weeks. This is when trusting, vulnerability and team building can be elevated to a new high!
  • I am here to support you on this new path to uncover, dust and shine your best version of yourself!


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