Moments of the heart book 2nd birthday!

Celebrate this joyous occasion
and enter to win the raffle!

Moments can become life-defining events.

The “Four relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly” described in my book come from experiencing these moments throughout life.

We’ll be celebrating the 2nd year of Moments of the Heart, a book that serves as an empowering road map to reflection and personal exploration. You can reserve your seat and grab the zoom link below and purchase a personalized copy of the book for your library. When you sign up for the party link, you’ll also be entered to win a free coaching session with Dorice!
This night will be like a mini retreat for the soul, reflecting and finding inspiration in our lives and others.

We're celebrating our 2nd year out in the world!

April 6, 5 pm – 6 pm PST, on zoom

We’ll be talking relationships with author and coach Dorice Horenstein and reading excerpts her award winning book, Moments of the Heart. 

During the party, we will reflect on: 

  • A moment/event in your life that inspired you to be who you are today.
  • A life lesson you want others to know.
  • Your personal favorite value, from the book and beyond.

Our celebration will help you lean into your Sage Perspective, gleaning the positive from life’s events and growing in your capacity to find the gift and opportunity! 


Let’s share the wisdom of these moments, and discuss how they have contributed to who we have become.

Click on the link below and you’ll be entered into our very special raffle to win a free coaching session with the Positive Intelligence Coach, Dorice. This party offers you a glimpse into a life free of all the things that sabotage your fulfilled and happy life! We’ll be announcing raffle prize winners at the birthday party so grab your seat and get ready for a night of fun and reflection.

About the Book

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“This book is very powerful and very beautiful. What I have read is passionate, very spiritual, and well-reasoned, three things that don’t always go together. I was profoundly moved by the journey you took and how you came to write this book.
Kol Ha-Kavod.”

Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
Approachable and inviting to all walks of faith who wish to cultivate a deeper ethical awareness and spiritual connection, Moments of the Heart serves to encourage everyone to live fully and wholeheartedly―heart, mind, and soul. Just as the heart has four chambers, this book is represented by four different types of relationships we experience: with oneself, with others, with the Creator, and with special and once-in-a-life time moments that define us, that give us the essence of who we are. Moments of the Heart was created because of a broken heart. It is now published with a healed heart. May this book strengthen and sustain your own heart.

Join our Women's Retreat

August 13-15, 2021

Who knows what the future holds at this moment in time? We do know one thing – being together when the dust settles will be incredibly important. So, we’ve moved our Moments of the Heart Women’s Retreat to August 2021 and we know you’ll love it.

Based on her book Moments of the Heart, the Four Relationships Everyone Should Have to Live Wholeheartedly, Dorice will lead us through activities and discussions to revive ourselves, our spirit and our connection to our community. Open to only 36 women. Registration is now open!

A retreat
made for you

The Moments of the Heart Retreat with Dorice is your choice to recharge, replenish, and reconnect with who you are. Join Dorice and 36 incredible women for a once and a lifetime experience. 


Relax, explore, examine, reflect, and be together for our 2nd book birthday with Dorice and her book, Moments of the Heart.